Learn-by-Doing: Google Apps, 3E

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100% Aligned to Skills Assessed in G Suite Certification Exam

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Learn-by-Doing: Google Apps, 3E introduces students to the many tools and features of Google Drive, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, Sites, and Meet. Using step-by-step, screenshot-based instructions, students learn key Google Apps skills essential to communicating, sharing, and collaborating in the classroom and beyond.

This new edition is also 100% aligned to the skills assessed in the G Suite Certification Exam, providing students a marketable resume booster in addition to valuable workplace skills. With Learn-by-Doing: Google Apps, 3E students hone their skills in the most popular Google Apps while learning to use the full scope of G Suite to make any project come to life.

  • 100% aligned to the skills assessed in the G Suite Certification Exam
  • Over 60 hands-on lessons teaching basic to intermediate Google Apps skills
  • Step-by-step, screenshot-based instructions
  • Students learn the power of collaborating and integrating content across Google Apps
  • Online Instructor Resources include Lesson Source Files, Answer Keys and Grading Rubrics, Unit Performance Assessments, and Slide Show Teaching Tools
  • Perfect for schools using G Suite for Education
Table of Contents

Curriculum Guide 


Unit 1: Google Drive
1.1 Managing and Organizing Your Files 
1.2 Sharing Your First Document
1.3 Viewing Files
1.4 Managing Settings
1.5 Managing Files from Your Computer


Unit 2: Gmail
2.1 Managing and Organizing Your Account
2.2 Sending Your First Email
2.3 Adding a Contact
2.4 Communicating with Multiple Recipients
2.5 Chatting in Gmail
2.6 Managing Inboxes 
2.7 Managing Display Preferences
2.8 Managing Settings


Unit 3: Google Docs
3.1 Formatting and Printing a Document
3.2 Formatting Lists
3.3 Editing Basics
3.4 Working with Columns and Capitalization
3.5 Working with Tables and Links
3.6 Customizing Tables
3.7 Retrieving and Copying a Document
3.8 Using Shapes and Graphic Tools
3.9 Formatting and Organizing Text
3.10 Translating a Document
3.11 Linking within a Document

Unit 4: Google Sheets
4.1 Creating and Formatting a Spreadsheet
4.2 Using Spreadsheets to Calculate Data
4.3 Using Functions
4.4 Working with Hyperlinks
4.5 Creating Pie, Column, and Bar Charts
4.6 Creating a Line Chart
4.7 Sorting Data
4.8 Importing Data
4.9 Using Data Validation and Filters
4.10 Naming and Protecting Ranges

Unit 5: Google Slides
5.1 Formatting Text and Images
5.2 Using Shapes
5.3 Working with Images
5.4 Preparing to Present
5.5 Applying Animation
5.6 Linking Slides
5.7 Using Charts and Diagrams
5.8 Arranging Shapes and Objects

Unit 6: Google Forms
6.1 Creating and Sending a Form
6.2 Viewing Responses and Data
6.3 Customizing a Form
6.4 Creating a Quiz
6.5 Integrating Applications with Sheets

Unit 7: Google Sites
7.1 Creating a Site
7.2 Formatting a Site
7.3 Inserting Maps and Video

Unit 8: Google Drawings
8.1 Drawing with Basic Tools
8.2 Arranging Objects and Inserting Images
8.3 Using More Drawing Tools 


Unit 9: Google Meet
9.1 Starting a Google Meet
9.2 Presenting Your Screen
9.4 Managing Sound and Video Settings
9.5 Managing Other Users

Unit 10: Collaboration 
10.1 Collaborating with Docs
10.2 Collaborating with Sheets
10.3 Collaborating with Slides
10.4 Collaborating with Forms
10.5 Collaborating with Sites

New in the 3rd Edition
  • 100% aligned to the skills assessed in the G Suite Certification Exam
  • Updated screenshots, skills, and lessons
  • New units on Google Meet as well as exploring how to collaborate and integrate content across Google Apps
  • Native Google Source Files allow instructors to share lesson files with students
G Suite Certification Information

Learn-by-Doing: Google Apps, 3E is 100% aligned to the skills assessed in Google’s G Suite Certification Exam and provides detailed instruction in all applications covered. G Suite Certification offers candidates the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of a range of Google Apps skills and the ability to use cloud-based tools to successfully produce and share professional files. To view correlations of the text to the G Suite Certification Exam, click the link below:


Learn-by-Doing: Google Apps, 3E - G Suite Certification Correlations

FREE Online Instructor Resources

The Free Online Instructor Resources for Learn-by-Doing: Google Apps, 3E are housed on eReadiness.com.


Online Instructor Resources Include:

  • Lesson Source Files
    • Native Google source files offer instructors the option to share each lesson’s starting file with students, or to require students to key for additional practice.
  • Lesson Answer Keys and Grading Rubrics
  • Unit Performance Assessments, Answer Keys, and Grading Rubrics
    • Unit Performance Assessments allow students to demonstrate the skills learned in each unit by creating a specific type of document, such as a menu or a sales report.
  • Slide Show Teaching Tool
    •  Presentation Slides introduce the new skills and concepts of each lesson in an accessible, easy-to-understand format.
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Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Learn-by-Doing: Google Apps, 3E (Print) - Min. 15
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Author: The Development Team at B.E. Publishing and Joy Tavano
© 2020
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 464
Print Color: Full Color
Binding: Spiral Bound

Learn-by-Doing: Google Apps, 3E (eTextbook 5 Yr. Student License) - Min. 15
ISBN: 9781626896239
Author: The Development Team at B.E. Publishing and Joy Tavano
© 2020
Page Count: 464
Print Color: Full Color

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